Bring back matrons

I WOULD be pleased if you could publish my letter, as I hope it will contribute to the battle for 'Hands Off the Conquest'.

Sixty years ago, on July 1, 1952, I started my nursing career at the Hastings School of Nursing. At that time there were four local hospitals: the Buchanan, the Royal East Sussex, St Helen’s and Bexhill. Those hospitals were managed by matrons, single-handed.

Matrons were highly-qualified nurses and one of their duties was to go round the wards of the hospital, two or three times a day - talking to every patient and also observing the care being given by the nurses. There were never any complaints of neglect.

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When the matrons left, discipline and patient care left as well.

In my opinion, the NHS Hospital Trusts do not know what patient care is. They are mostly found in their offices and not on the wards.

So, my advice is, leave the running of a hospital to the nursing staff and do not interfere.

Mrs S MUYTJENS, retired SRN

Frant Avenue

Little Common