Can someone tell housing developers we aren’t stupid?

From: Alison CushingGranville Road, Eastbourne

I am horrified at our elected government giving even more autonomy to developers to concrete over the south east with no holds barred.

We are already experiencing very serious problems with our infrastructure and pollution levels and can hardly move in and out of town for cars.

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Lets add to it shall we....let us allow the south east to be concreted over.


We can’t have it both ways – either we are serious about saving the planet and nurturing nature, planting tiny trees and leaving green open spaces or we make quick one-off profits by developing.

The article in Eastbourne Herald on June 18 refers to further development plans by Park Lane Homes and named “Wateringbury Way” in Langney click here to read.

Developers, we are not stupid, the name of the developer, the name of the development and the open statement “no affordable housing is included in the plan” is designed to attract Londoners et al to this upmarket area (which it is not by the way).

It is a blatant way of saying these are not for local people in need of housing. Just be clear on priorities please.