Chichester’s Bus Station should remain

Writes Alan Carn, of Whyke Road, Chichester

Chichester bus station. Photograph: Kate Shemilt/ SUS-140807-165803001
Chichester bus station. Photograph: Kate Shemilt/ SUS-140807-165803001

Again we see our council ignoring its commitment to the climate emergency as it proposes to demolish even more buildings with all the attendant waste and pollution, in order to ‘redevelop’ the Southern Gateway.

Good to think that as we watch our climate deteriorate, we will have all these new amenities to enjoy.

Surely we should now be looking into re-purposing or upgrading existing buildings as a priority and only considering replacement as a last resort.

Within the proposed redevelopment area we have a perfectly serviceable bus station with considerable architectural merit.

The fact that it has been neglected and allowed to sink into a state of disrepair does not merit its destruction.

Sixties bus stations are becoming a rarity, and Chichester should be proud to be one of the few cities which still has a relatively intact one.

I find it quite bizarre that Chichester should be contemplating doing away with a bus station in favour of bus stops.

A central point for bus information and indoor waiting and toilet facilities would seem to be a basic requirement for any town or city where buses interconnect.

With careful and sensitive renovation our existing bus station could be the centrepiece of a low cost and environmentally friendly upgrading of the area.

There are many examples of hasty and ill-considered demolition which with hindsight would have been better left; Somerstown?

Please let us value what we have. Much of what was produced in the ’60s is coming back into vogue and being labelled and marketed as mid-century.