Children take part in food workshops

On Thursday June 5 the children in Year 3 and 4 from Oak Class at Colgate Primary School were the first to take part in Tesco’s new, stimulating and educational ‘Farm to Fork’ visit at their Three Bridges store.

Colgate Primary School attend Tesco's 'Farm to Fork' workshops SUS-140707-104604001
Colgate Primary School attend Tesco's 'Farm to Fork' workshops SUS-140707-104604001

Farm to Fork is a new nationwide initiative dedicated to getting the next generation of children interested in where their food comes from through a series of fun workshops and tasting sessions.

Upon arrival, the excited pupils were lead upstairs into a well decorated learning room and were given the opportunity to try several new and exciting fruits from above and below the ground; the flattened (doughnut) peach was a big hit! Next they visited the shop floor where they were taught about a multitude of sea dwelling foods from a jolly and very knowledgeable fish monger. Some of the daring pupils were even brave enough to hold some of the king crabs on sale. The cheese counter was the subsequent stop, with sheep’s cheese proving a surprise favourite amongst the children and some informative discussion about where the different types of cheese come from. Finally Oak Class visited the pizza making department and two aspiring pizza chefs created four of the most enormous pizzas ever seen in Three Bridges (with healthy ingredients chosen by their classmates).

The visit was a resounding success with adults and children learning something new about where food comes from. One child explained: “It is really interesting to find out where fruits like peaches and mangos come from; I never realised there were so many different types of delicious peaches.” Oak Class teacher Mr Hird also learnt something new: “I always thought scallops were a type of fish,” he was heard to exclaim upon leaving the store.

In a world where there is an increasing focus on healthy living for young people, Tesco’s Food to Fork experience comes highly recommended.

Report and picture contributed by Colgate Primary School.