City Fibre cut my power cable

From: Glen Bradley Beverington Road, Eastbourne

How satisfied I was to read on page nine in last week’s Eastbourne Herald (Friday June 11) – City Fibre Works In Pococks Road. {|click here to read)

We live in Beverington Road and works started on Tuesday June 1, I believe.

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On Thursday June 3 at around 2.30pm they cut straight through the power cables to our house leaving us with no power until 2.30am Friday morning.

Power cut SUS-190924-150703001

As it happens, no one from City Fibre looked like they were going to knock at the house so I had to approach them asking if they knew they had cut the power.

The worker then said yes we just did it and not to worry they’ve put an emergency call in and our freezer food should be good for around 15 hours.

We waited... nothing by 4pm and all the workers had gone home without even giving us an update.

At 9pm my partner called City Fibre’s helpline (who were unaware any power cable had been cut!).

Then the chap found a message on the computer that said they had just nicked the cable and a call to repair was required.

No emergency.

My reason for supporting the residents of Pococks Road is that, like them, our work started what will now be two weeks ago and all we have is a large trench. Yet they still dig more up the road without finishing one bit first.

On top of that I have terminal cancer and need access to hot water to bathe/ change a stoma bag.

A team eventually came out from Chatham and Dorking at midnight. We could not go to bed as they needed access to our electrical box.

Works were completed and candles blown out at 2.30am.

No apologies the next day or anything.

Most dissatisfied and disappointed in City Fibre for the stress they caused.

No one could get clean and we had to order food in as we had no oven or microwave.