Climping sea defences – how about a lagoon?

Letter from: R.W. Standing, Sea Road, East Preston

Climping Beach, by Eddie Mitchell
Climping Beach, by Eddie Mitchell

For the first time in a year, I have just visited Climping-Atherington.

And walking along the beach I saw the devastation recently wrought by the sea, which is unprecedented in my lifetime, and I am over 80 years old.

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Am I to suppose that Atherington residents are quietly waiting for the village to disappear like Middleton church, during this century?

Marine hydrologists no doubt advise politicians how best to carry out their decisions on coastal protection.

They could as well advise on laying a reef as a managed retreat – so called.

A lagoon with marshland could as well be created behind a reef in line with Middleton, as set back behind erstwhile Atherington. Could it not?

The agricultural produce and value of Atherington must be considerable.

At least I will not live to see the environmental problems of later this century.