I rarely venture out on my own now, as I always encounter selfish individuals who cycle on pathways

From: Christine Nicholls, Little Common Road, Bexhill on Sea

Cycling on a footpath
Cycling on a footpath

Do community police personnel still exist?

If so, please can we have them patrolling along Bexhill seafront when I go out to catch selfish and inconsiderate people like the one we encountered last Thursday on a cycle, going too fast and coming up behind and in front of people, seeming to not care if he/she (as being vision impaired) I can not see details/recognise details at a short distance. This is why I rarely venture out on my own now, as when I do, I always seem to encounter other selfish individuals who cycle on pathways (despite not being legally allowed). Or some cyclists going too fast along Bexhlil Sea front and other sea fronts. In addition to e-scooter users!

I completed the recent council survey noting the problems I and other vision impaired and blind people and anyone with access and disability problems face as I will always back up a complaint with trying to do something – do not just moan. Therefore, I was very interested to find out the results of the recent council survey to find out what residents think, to know how many people want cycling banned from Bexhill seafront, if the Council do not plan to put in good accessible separate cycle lanes before some people are injured please, and then have the right to sue for not ensuring such needed safety measures are in place.

A few years ago I attended a meeting to become a local councillor, at RDC and the person responsible for making Bexhill seafront accessible to cycling proudly stood up. I wish I had had the opportunity to tell him how selfish and naïve he was in not realising or understanding the problems people face by his actions if affected by disability, physical and mental and other access problems.

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