Could you help Salvation Army with transport for elderly?

From: James Woodgate, Thackeray Close, Eastbourne

My wife runs a weekly fellowship meeting for the elderly every Thursday, which starts in the morning and finishes around 2.45pm at the Salvation Army Citadel in Langney Road.

This has been run smoothly with the help with transport from Seaford Lions Club, but starting in January they will not have any transport, which means there will be some elderly who will not be able to go. My wife has tried many taxi people but the charge was much too dear.

East Sussex County Council couldn’t help and so I was wondering if there was anyone who could help with transporting these elderly people who look forward to every Thursday?

The Salvation Army Citadel Langney Road Eastbourne January 30th 2014 E04104Q ENGSUS00120140130135304

If there is no transport ,they will have to keep to their homes, which is sad.