Differing impressions

LAST Thursday, my daughter Kaylee, her partner Colin and I went to see the tragic remains of Hastings Pier. Although originally from up north, the pier meant a lot to us too, memories of us spending hours there with my late husband Marc. He always said that if he won the lottery, he would sort the pier out and bring it back to its former glory.

To think that a mindless act by two teenage brutes did this is beyond belief. I hope that their punishment truly fits the crime. I feel for the people of Hastings, it was a part of their history and eventually would be a hive of activity once again. That has all gone now.

On the way back home we saw a broken-down van with smoke billowing from it on Wrestwood Road. Without hesitation three young lads from the school ran over to the driver, obviously offering to help him.

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In the midst of the traffic, one of the lads halted the vehicles, ran back and helped the other two lads push the van to safety.

Like seeing the pier this brought a lump to my throat, but for different reasons. I know which lads I would be proud to be the mother of.

Please don’t tar all youths of today with the same brush. We have found in our experience that the majority have good intentions.