Garden bin woe

Has the country gone to the dogs because of silliness by the people in charge?

One example is my garden waste bin. I pay for the privilege of having a large green garden waste bin.

I have paid for this to be collected once a week for 12 years. At least three to five times a year, it is full and quite heavy. I am 58 years old and manage easily to wheel it from my house to the pavement where it is collected.

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On Monday, April 29, I filled my bin with weeds with thick roots and placed it all in the bin. I noticed my bin was not collected and went onto the web site to report it was missed out.

I received a call from the council to say I had filled my bin too much, with perhaps rubble or concrete, and it was too heavy to be lifted onto the machine and it could break it.

I stated the bin could be checked and I would doubt there would even be a stone in it.

They stated a man would visit my home and discuss it with me in the afternoon. 
A very nice man arrived at the house and checked the contents of the bin with me. He stated I had put everything I should in the bin, but, because I had put soil in the bin, it was too heavy and they could not take it.

I showed him the soil that had gathered around the weeds roots and stated that was a normal thing that occurs. I had done this at least three times a year and had never encountered this no-soil rule, neither had I heard any comments on the weight of the bin over 12 years.

He stated he would not send anyone to collect the contents until it was lighter. I asked what should the weight be and he stated he did not know, but the bin should not contain soil attached to any roots.

I think there must be some very clever weeds about, that leave all soil behind when they are pulled out of the ground.

I, however, don’t have those, I only have normal weeds that take a bit of soil with them.

I now have to empty the bin myself and take it all to the tip in trugs. It will take several trips and as I am away next week it now can’t be done straight away. I wonder what exactly I am paying for.

I have asked for a refund , as I am doing what I thought I was paying them to do. I wonder what response I’ll get!

Jackie Smith

The Avenue