Goring gang disturbances should be dealt with '˜swiftly and ruthlessly' by police

Your report on a teenage gang's reign of terror in Goring made depressing reading the more so because of the feeble, negative response from the police.

More specifically, the advice that the residents should form a neighbourhood watch group and that, due to cuts in numbers, police patrols are now ‘seen as a luxury’.

Last week there was a report published elsewhere about the number of street crimes in Worthing – hundreds of crimes committed over a one-year period.

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The response from the police was similarly negative, including the statement that ‘where we identify a problem we work with partners, taking a problem-solving approach, to try and tackle the root causes and achieve long-term improvements’. Presumably somebody is employed by the police to write this rubbish?

Councillors and police officers field questions at St Richard's Church in Goring SUS-180811-104959001

In towns/cities of similar size in America, such disturbances are dealt with swiftly and ruthlessly by the police, with the full backing of the local authorities and the politicians. It’s a great pity we seem unable to do the same.

John Monoogian

George V Avenue, Worthing


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