Grateful to everyone who made my year so enjoyable

AS my year as mayor draws to a close, I wish to thank all those whom I have met throughout this time.

The community groups, charities, theatre companies, sports clubs, associations, the Carnival committee, Bonfire Society and many more all help to make our town a town to be proud of.

One of my aims was to raise awareness of the Citizens' Advice Bureau and I hope residents will look first to this charity when they need advice.

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My monthly surgeries were well-attended and provided an opportunity for residents to air their views and forward some fresh ideas.

Some matters which have been put on the agenda are the ferry, an outdoor market and a review of the Christmas lights.

The latter has, in my opinion, been in need of improvement for a number of years.

This year we should find a marked improvement.

In the months ahead I will carry on with projects that I have started during my year and hope to improve the lives of those less fortunate than others.

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Homelessness is a growing problem and I applaud the progress that LCT HOMElink has made, in particular over the past few years.

Its hard work and determination to help these people in need won them the organisation town merit award, which I was proud to present.

I will hand over to the deputy mayor Mark Butler and hope he has as enjoyable year as I have had, in the coming months.

Finally, I wish to thank you, the public, for helping to make my year so special.

Alan Gammon

town mayor

St Augustine Road


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