Great job by staff, but a plea for closer vaccination centres

Congratulations to all the NHS staff who are organizing the vaccination programme in the Rother district, however, being on the outer radius I sympathise with many of the elderly residents regarding transport to our centre at Etchingham.

Administering the Covid-19 vaccine (Oxford AstraZeneca)  Pic Justin Lycett.
Administering the Covid-19 vaccine (Oxford AstraZeneca) Pic Justin Lycett.

I notice plans are afoot to open more centres and I hope that the planners recognise that asking over 80s to drive, sometimes in the dark, well out of their usual area is not an option.

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The choice of Etchingham as a centre has caused Glastonbury-style interest in this quiet village with increased traffic and visitors. Questions asked by the elderly are –do I need a tent and sleeping bag especially if I’m arrested for being out of my area when my equally elderly car breaks down and I can’t remember where I’ve been?

I think at the very least the village hall should be awarded blue badge status for the number of injections given in the fight against the virus in 2021. This could be used in future years to promote the village fete, flower shows and similar attractions drawing in visitors from far and wide showing their grandchildren where granny and grandad had their jabs

Bill Wicking

Rock Lane, Hastings