Holmes Way needs clear thinking

YOU have recently published two letters concerning the traffic problems in and around the Eden Park estate at Toddington.

For centuries, Toddington Lane has been a public road leading to Worthing Road. This vehicular right-of-way was extinguished by the combined efforts of West Sussex County Council, Arun District Council and Taylor Wimpey Ltd, but they have neglected to provide an equivalent alternative along a public highway. I understand that Holmes Way is still privately owned.

When the estate was being laid out some of us queried the width of the embryonic Holmes Way, but we were assured that it was up to standard.

We were also assured that each dwelling would be provided with adequate off-road parking facilities, although the developers had already admitted that the estate roads would not be wide enough for buses to us!

The layout of the estate is sufficiently tortuous to discourage drivers from turning north-east up Olliver Acre on their way to Toddington level crossing, and so they use the shorter route involving Holmes Way and Toddington Lane.

This means that the narrow Holmes Way is now a through road and the continued parking of vehicles partly on the roadway and partly on the footway is causing considerable congestion and frustration for legitimate motorists.

The frequent parking of trades and builders' vehicles does not seem to have been allowed for in the design of the road!

The various authorities, the developer and the police appear to be unable to ensure that Holmes Way is an unobstructed thoroughfare, so it would be interesting to hear of any other suggestions for achieving this aim.

WF Daggat,

Barn Close,



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