I’ll be voting ‘Yes’

I HAVE never written to your paper before, but I feel very strongly about electoral reform.

I’ll be voting YES for the AV system on May 5.

It’s time MPs were reminded that they work for us and the country first and their party second.

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First-past-the-post fails the ‘fairness’ test because a party with a minority of the votes often gets to be the majority party in parliament, and MPs’ job security is governed by their party and not the voter.

Electoral turnout is dire – when only a few marginal constituencies make a difference and MPs can be elected with less than 30 per cent of the vote, no wonder the rest of us are disillusioned and don’t bother.

I urge everyone who isn’t happy with the status quo to do something about it – vote in the referendum.

AV isn’t perfect – it’s a small first step that says to our government ‘YES – I want a fairer system, not more of the same’.

Marion Baker

Victory Avenue