LETTER: A27: a few things to consider

The idea of an elevated dual carriageway A27 through Worthing is an interesting one. It would benefit those who want to speed past Worthing. However, there are a few things to consider.

Traffic on the A27 Worthing, Grove Lodge. Picture by Eddie Mitchell
Traffic on the A27 Worthing, Grove Lodge. Picture by Eddie Mitchell

Residents may not appreciate the visual intrusion of an elevated expressway and the roar of high-speed traffic which would be heard across much of the town.

The access slip roads will need houses demolished and a spaghetti junction at the intersection with the A24 might not be attractive to live near. It’s well proven that new roads attract increased traffic, as the consultants reported in the Worthing A27 study (for example, the Newbury bypass has increased local traffic in the town).

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The number of cars and lorries on Worthing’s residential roads will consequently increase, not decrease. Jams will reappear in a few years.

Experience over many years (ignored by the present government) shows that we cannot build our way out of traffic jams.

The M25 has been widened from three to four to five lanes in places, and is still jammed at peak times.

In Worthing, then, is a dual carriageway A27 throughpass a good idea?

Maybe we should think about alternatives that make Worthing a more pleasant places to work and live.

Stephen Carleysmith

Bulkington Avenue


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