LETTER: Air pollution must be tackled

I read with much interest the in the County Times stating that NHS England (Surrey and Sussex) have announced that Storrington Mill Stream practice will be closing on May 31st 2014.

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Your letters

This practice happens to be located at the rear of our library car park and immediately in front of a ‘land locked’ Ryecroft Lane former allotment site. It would be very convenient for the surgery to be knocked down releasing access to the former allotment land behind; a prime site for further housing development.

A few years back, planning permission was granted for expansion to the Storrington Waitrose store which included a large increase in the car park located next to that store, and, at the time, I was suspicious that our second car park (the library car park referred to above) would be less used allowing the opportunity to suggest that it was under-used, and could then be developed as a housing site.

Admitedly, the increase to the Waitrose car park has not yet been instigated, but the permission to do so is in place .

How convenient it would be if all these situations came together providing a very large site being available for housing development.

Storrington is one of the worst areas in the country for a high and unacceptable level of air pollution.

It would be ironic if my thoughts were proved to be correct, and not only would we have further housing development in the heart of our village with an increase in vehicle use, but, at the same time, we would have less medical help to deal with the Storrington residents who are increasingly being poisoned by the air pollution due to vehicular activity.

I hope my thoughts are unfounded, but not one more house should be given planning permission for Storrington until the air pollution issues are addressed.


Amberley Road, Storrington