LETTER: An example of gesture politics

In response to the rather unpleasant and factually inaccurate account by James Walsh of proceedings at County Hall, I would suggest that the purchase and display of said ‘EU’ flags was, in itself, an example of pointless gesture politics, though I wonder why the county council has, as he claims, ‘No power in the matter’, are we already so far under the jackboot? The vote to stay in the ‘EC’ is the usual red herring, of course, as we have never voted to stay in the ‘EU’, a very different beast.
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As for the Gatwick question, we were given the papers just 48 hours prior to the debate. I was initially completely in favour of the proposed expansion, but I listened carefully to all sides and was particularly impressed by three Labour members, Cllrs Mrs Smith and Mrs Mulligan and their colleague Michael Jones, who echoed our thoughts about insufficient notice and proposed an adjournment to the next council meeting.

It may well have been simmering away for 25 years but, unlike James Walsh, some of us have been doing other things with our lives and would like a chance to weigh up the arguments before reaching a decision - it’s called ‘Liberal Democracy’, James, try it!

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On the other hand, perhaps you’ve been in politics too long, as your memory is obviously not what it was. You claim that UKIP’s stance on your beloved Star Spangled Banner was our ‘only statement’, whereas weput down five of the ten motions for debate.

Likewise, your assertion that we ‘Ignored all that’ (other subjects of importance), is demonstrable nonsense, as the record shows. You may still be feeling rather miffed that your party in West Sussex, in common with the Lib-Dems nationally, is merely a faintly ridiculous shell of its former self.

I’m disappointed; I thought we had a worthy opponent, but we shall know what level of debate to descend to for the next council meeting.


(UKIP) West Sussex county councillor for Nyetimber, County Hall, Chichester