Letter: Ask about Bexhill street furniture

Carole WoodlandCooden Drive, Bexhill

Kevin Long is absolutely right, Conservative Bexhill councillors ‘should have the decency to explain’ themselves.

Reasons given at the full council meeting verged on the ludicrous.

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‘Not everyone voted’. They need to wake up to the fact that only about 7,000 voted them in at the last election and yet over 8,000 voted for a town council.

I suggest you look out for Hollidge in particular and ask him to explain himself.

While you are at it, I suggest you also ask him about the refurbishing of street furniture in our town centre, as he is on the town centre steering group.

Clearly we do not wish to lose our substantial benches around the town and see them replaced with the perching style seats we see on the West Parade.

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If the benches are to be painted, I am sure we would wish to see them painted in colours which are soothing.

I recently saw a town centre ruined by benches painted emerald green with a hideous orange coloured wood.

In a town centre, our eye should be drawn to the shop windows and not the benches.

If we had a town council, we would have some say in this.

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