LETTER: Astonished to get penalty ticket

I was very interested to see your article about Jengers Mead car park at Billingshurst in the West Sussex County Times last week (April 25).

My wife and I have recently moved to Loxwood from Cranleigh and have visited Billingshurst on several occasions.

We find Billingshurst attractive and were looking forward to making more use of the shops which are not too far from Loxwood.

On Monday April 22, we had some business in one of the shops and parked in Jengers Mead car park. We didn’t expect to be long so only paid for 20 minutes parking (we felt that 40 pence was expensive).

In fact our business took slightly longer than expected and we arrived back at the car about ten minutes late.

I was astonished to find in that time that I had received a parking ticket. Within the terms of the ticket I fully acknowledge that I was at fault and have subsequently paid the fine.

In future we shall restrict our shopping to Cranleigh where we can park for an hour for 50 pence.


Farm Close, Loxwood