LETTER: Bring back the old paper cash

The new plastic notes... I don't like 'em! They are far too slippery and hard to control, making them easy to lose from the pocket.

Bring back the old paper notes, which at least looked like real money, not toy-town play dough.

How many readers recall the old, big, white £5 notes?

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Now, that was cash which was really impressive.

Furthermore, the current 1p, 2p and 5p are little more than an encumbrance, resulting in pots full of loose change which have to be taken to the bank. Years of continual inflation has meant that our current notes and coins have little buying power. Was decimalisation really such a good idea?

Retaining the old pounds, shillings and pence may well have curbed the runaway inflation which blights our modern economy.

I. Fox

Rope Walk