LETTER: Campaign for wonderful unit

I was interested in the article about the Maternity Unit at Horsham Hospital in last week’s County Times.

As a member of the National Childbirth Trust, I remember campaigning hard in 1977 to try to keep the unit open.

On Friday March 18, 1977 a picture of myself and my one year old daughter, Wendy, appeared on the front page of your paper, highlighting the fact that if the unit had not been available, my daughter would have been born on the road to Crawley.

I was due to give birth in Crawley Hospital, but events moved so swiftly, there was no way I was going to make it to Crawley, so my husband diverted to Horsham instead, Wendy was born a few moments after arriving, I was so pleased the unit was there!

The maternity unit was a very happy place, with wonderful helpful nurses, ideal for nervous new mums - such a shame it closed.

I also wrote a letter to your paper, which appeared in the August 20, 1999 edition, when it was being proposed to send Crawley births to Redhill, again highlighting my particular case.


Wisborough Green