LETTER: Catastrophic loss of wildlife

I write to express my opinion in respect of the proposals for this vast development planned on what has in the past been classified as the strategic green gap between Shoreham and Lancing.

Regardless to the statutory designation of this land, the remaining land following the development of the Brighton and Hove training ground supports an area unique to the adjacent developed land, its extreme value in its very existence as found in its present state cannot be replicated by providing a new conservation area.

The whole of this land provides a biodiversity which has developed over hundreds of years, it will support micro-organisms which will support insects and subterranean creatures leading on to supporting amphibian and ground feeding creatures and on to the higher life, animals and birds.

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Grazing animals inhabit the area, including deer, the established fauna, trees and shrub land cannot be replaced and once destroyed by this vast development will decimate the entire region resulting in a catastrophic loss to all its existing wildlife.

The human race play lip service to conservation and in this country we deplore the destruction of the rainforest yet we play no heed to the endless loss of historical habitat and the damage to our wild life area and its creatures.

We must now take stock of the inheritance we have been left and fight to preserve these areas for the future conservation of this land.

Lionel W. Parsons

Lancing parish councillor,

voluntary member of the Adur District Conservation Advisory Group