LETTER: Clearer vision?

I would be interested to know if I am alone in thinking when I voted for a new police and crime commissioner, the new position was promoted as a money-saving position replacing all the myriad componants.

I found the question and answer articles in the Herald very enlightening. It appears we now have a well-paid police and crime commissioner, plus a well-paid deputy commissioner. We still have eight full-time staff inherited from the Sussex Police Authority, and a fullt-ime chief executive, plus a full-time finance officer.

It will be interesting, at the end of the first year in office of the new police commissioner, if, in fact, there is an overall saving on the old system when adding up the cost of all of this.

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Having voted in the election, thinking it was for an all-encompassing role, I am now wondering if I should have joined the hundreds of thousands of people who did not bother to get involved – was their vision clearer than mine?

Josephine Stephens

Ashurst Drive