LETTER: Could review save money?

Our MP, Nick Herbert, tells us he '˜is appalled by the South Downs National Park Authority's decision to seek a judicial review' of Highways England's proposed option 5a for a dual carriageway for the A27 at Arundel.

Arun Lib Dem leader James Walsh has said in doing so the authority ‘is misusing taxpayers’ cash’.

District councillor Paul Dendell called for us ‘to campaign for them to be abolished and save us, the taxpayer, many millions of our money’.

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It is good to hear our local representatives are concerned about the misuse of public money to be spent on the A27 at Arundel.

Perhaps they might also like to consider whether a judicial review may in fact save taxpayers’ money?

It may persuade Highways England to look at a solution that doesn’t require many millions to be spent on a large-scale dual carriageway, with the associated mitigation measures for environmental damage that option 5a will require. The option for which Highways England has considerably reduced the expected benefit to cost ratio in a report it published last week.

I hope the South Downs National Park Authority legal challenge to the costly and damaging proposal by Highways England will see the Government review whether its brief to only consider a four-lane carriageway across Arun’s water meadows, through ancient woodland and our national park really is the best use of public funds.

Simon Rose

Torton Hill Road,


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