LETTER: Crawsham creeps towards us all

Young people of Horsham please read this letter.

Your letters
Your letters

If you propose to stay here and possibly bring up a family it will affect you.

Our local council is trying hard to make us believe that their proposed housing development north of our bypass will not encourage the joining of Crawley to Horsham (Crawsham). I do not believe this to be true!

About 50 years ago the planners of the then newly formed London overspill town of Crawley crept south across their southern bypass and built houses around the village of Ifield .

Having done that they were easily able to continue south into Bewbush and Broadfield and do the same again.

Nobody in Horsham worried too much. Crawley was still a long way away from us in those days.

Now the industrial area between Crawley and Faygate is to one side of a new roundabout and opposite to a massive new housing development which is taking away more of our countryside. Still moving nearer to Horsham.

Next stop Faygate village!

If the people of Horsham allow a housing development to be built outside our northern bypass, Horsham planners will have the same option that their Crawley counterparts had 50 years ago to continue building north up the A264.

We will be going out to welcome Crawley with outstretched arms!

In 50 years’ time, not so far away in the way of things, I believe Crawsham will be born!

Food for thought you youngsters!


Lower Barn Close, Horsham