LETTER: Development in every nook

I have to ask, have Worthing and Adur councils abandoned the fact they are councils and taken on the role of developers, as that is mainly all I seem to hear they are doing '“ allowing development in every nook and cranny.

Every which way one turns the building of more and more houses is taking place. The roads in Shoreham are becoming filled with so many parked cars the two-way-traffic roads are becoming single-lane roads – look at the main road near the Southlands Hospital – plus adding much congestion to the already busy roads and very possibly further pressure on the infrastructure.

And should there be a shortage of beds in Worthing Hospital, wouldn’t rather than knocking down the empty nursing home next to Shoreham library, sitting there doing nothing, be better served by turning it into or replacing it with a place where folk who sadly have no where to recover or go, are placed, so freeing up the beds?

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R. Edwards



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