LETTER: Disappointed to read letter

I was most disappointed to read P.W. Watson's letter, published in the Herald on March 1, in regards to how crime is being handled.

We have to prioritise our work as demand is increasing while resources have reduced over recent years.

This does mean that not every incident will result in an officer attending as we have to focus our resources on those incidents that carry the greatest threat, harm and risk.

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However, public support and incident reporting is vital in building the bigger picture so that we can ensure our valuable resources are being placed in those areas that need police intervention.

In regards to Mr Watson’s issue of police not enforcing road tax, this responsibility lies with the DVLA and there is a reporting process in place with them.

Residents who believe that cars are being used on the road without road tax can report this on the following DVLA webpage, this responsibility does not sit with the police – www.gov.uk/report-untaxed-vehicle

Sergeant Craig Burgess

Sussex Police Neighbourhood Prevention Team,

Chatsworth Road, Worthing

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