LETTER: Disappointment at class cancellation

Is there a deliberate policy by HDC and Places for People to reduce attendance at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre?

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Your letters

We have just been told by Places for People at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre that the 50+ Trampolining sessions are to be discontinued. I appreciate that only 6-10 people regularly attend the session but most of them also attend other sessions/classes during the day. I and other regular users will be very very disappointed if HDC in partnership with Places for People allows this to happen.

There are plenty of trampoline classes/sessions for under 15s in the area but none for adults within 30 miles. Trampolining is considered to be just about the best all round exercise for elderly people for many reasons and should be top of the agenda for any programmed classes for all ages.

The 50+ days are about providing as wide a spectrum of sports and activities as possible for the enjoyment and well-being of the area’s ‘older’ community. Attendees all pay a flat fee and can attend all or any of the classes/sessions on offer. Some classes/sessions which are over-subscribed will obviously subsidise the minority sports.

The leisure centre’s customer care poster clearly states that they will strive to ‘ensure the centre provides sports for all’ and ‘to provide an extensive programme of events and activities’. So I would like them to honour their promise and please re-consider the cancellation of the Trampolining classes at the 50+ days.

It’s bad enough that we currently cannot use the outdoor courts for tennis etc but to lose out on trampolining as well would be too much. What other classes will be cancelled?

Am I, along with many others, being cynical in thinking that this is just the start of many attempts to run down attendance at the leisure centre so that HDC can claim there is not enough demand for it to be rebuilt?

So come on HDC and Places for People. Show you are serious about BBH Leisure Centre’s future by not cancelling the trampoline sessions or any other sessions, by starting work immediately on re-surfacing the outdoor courts, by confirming their commitment to re-placing the centre (very soon) and by confirming their commitment to providing sport and leisure facilities for every one irrespective of age in the area.

Andy McIntyre

Millfield, Southwater

A spokesman for Horsham District Council said:

‘‘The 50+ sessions at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre continue to thrive and will carry on providing an extensive range of sporting and recreational opportunities at a very reasonable cost for the Centre’s valued 50+ customers. As with all aspects of the centre’s programme, the level of use is constantly reviewed and although there has been a very low level of usage for this activity it has been decided that it will continue until at least the end of March 2015, at which time it will be reviewed. This is an operational decision made by Places for People Leisure who manage BBHLC on behalf of the council.

“The council is fully committed to maintaining sporting and recreational activities in Broadbridge Heath and is currently undertaking a tendering exercise to procure the replacement of the surface of the multi-courts at the centre which have unfortunately deteriorated significantly in recent months and have become unsafe to use when the surface is wet. Every effort is being made to ensure that the necessary works to this area will be undertaken at the earliest opportunity with minimum disruption. Centre users will be kept informed of progress with this work.”