LETTER: Dumbfounded by exhibition

After attending a public exhibition on October 10 regarding the proposal to build 520 houses on land in West Sompting I came away dumbfounded.

It would appear that no consideration has been taken to the already chaotic situation in West Street regarding traffic using this road as a ‘rat run’ from the congested A27.

As has been well documented on these pages the current proposals by Highways England to tinker with the A27 will do little to ease this congestion. Access to and from this proposed new development will all converge on West Street only adding to the desperate situation that exists already. I challenged representatives for Persimmon Homes and Sompting Estates (as did many others present) regarding this only to be met with either a denial that the traffic problem was a real one; 520 extra homes would make little difference; or,even worse, that it wasn’t their problem! The plan itself does not look too bad on the face of it but surely until we have a decent road infastructure for the area nobody in their right mind could approve such a plan knowing of the ultimate traffic chaos it would cause. So, please, Adur District Council and Sompting Parish Council, please use some common sense and reject these plans unanimously.

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P. Moggridge

Dankton Gardens