Letter: Election pledge over waste collection

We all understand that keeping New Year resolutions is fraught with difficulty.

One of mine was to clear my desk of accumulated rubbish.

But, in attempting so, I stumbled across the 2015 Horsham District election campaign literature for the Conservatives. So what caught my eye?

‘Weekly Waste Collection. Your Conservative controlled council will continue to take away your household rubbish on a weekly basis. 70 per cent of councils have dropped weekly collections but HDC’s Conservative Council collects rubbish weekly. We pledge to continue with weekly household bin collections’.

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That seems an unequivocal commitment made at the time when your vote was needed.

Perhaps we should all remind our district councillors of this pledge and ask why it isn’t being kept for the full duration of this council?

I would suggest that political parties should adopt a New Year resolution to honour their ‘manifesto’ pledges, not conveniently ignore them.

With elections just over one year away, the electorate are highly unlikely to have forgotten this ignominious gaffe by then.

Sue Kornycky

Cox Green, Rudgwick

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