LETTER: Great value for money!

Thank you for an excellent and factual story on the Littlehampton Town Council budget for the coming year.

Unfortunately, the headline gave the impression that all of the extra £2.19 (or 4p a week for the average household) was going towards doubling the very popular Screen on the Green film show in August.

In fact the increase is going to a whole range of services, including more grants to voluntary groups, new allotments at Kingsley Gate, enhancing the no 12 & 15 bus service, new town gateway signs, Centenary events for the First World War’s end, and (with Arun District Council) investing in a new Skate Park for youngsters. We are also exploring a new building for the Keystone Youth Centre, a playground at Rosemead Park, and possible free wifi on the seafront .

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All this, and lots more, for a modest 1.9 per cent increase to £118 per year for the average house.

Contrast that with the whopping eight per cent increase to £166 from the Police & Crime Commissioner, for a reducing service, a five per cent increase to £1,318 from the county council, with underfunded schools, road repairs and Care for the Elderly, and a three per cent increase to £171 from Arun District Council whilst holding £8million of our money as reserves!

It emphasises the prudent budgeting and great value for money from the town council!

Liberal Democrat,

Chair of Policy & Finance & Deputy Mayor,

Littlehampton Town Council

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