LETTER: Hard choices and an easy decicion

It’s incredible for HDC leader Cllr Ray Dawe to state at the opening of the public inquiry regarding where strategic housing sites were allocated that: ‘We (the Cabinet) had to made some hard choices’ (WSCT page 14, 04 Nov 2014 edition).

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Your letters

The Gang of Four in fact had a very easy decision to make as Cllr Peter Burgess revealed in March 2014, that no houses were built in the ‘Deep South’ (i.e. anything south of the A272).

In June 2013, Cllrs Ray Dawe, Helena Croft, Claire Vickers and Jim Rae moved all the houses into the Strategic Gap and added the white elephant of an industrial and warehouse park for good measure, rather than spreading the houses around the district. This was to ensure that the Tory wards in the south weren’t at risk of being lost at the election.

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But after their punishments of councillors who voted against their plan the own ‘hard choice’ facing the Gang of Four is whether they decide to put themselves before the electorate next May after all the ‘machinations’ (reported by Cllr Liz Kitchen) we’ve read about over the past 12 months.


North Parade, Horsham