LETTER: Hard time for Santer family

Another one is over and what a relief to know that the Santa suits have been put away for, perhaps, 11 months!

Your letters
Your letters

There are far too many of these suits and hats now being worn by the unentitled in December. It is most embarassing for the real Father Christmas and his relatives at the time when they have so much hard work to do.

It is also very confusing for the children who do not understand that these imposters are not the real Father Christmas.

It is also a hard time for the real members of the Santer family who try to avoid placing any orders by telephone in December.

After giving details of the item required, one is always asked ‘Can I have your name sir?’

When you reply ‘Santer’ there follows a silence for some seconds. The person at the other end is trying to decide ‘Is this a conman, a joker, a drunk or is he speaking from Lapland to which we have no delivery arrangements’. When the conversation does continue, the suppressed laughter is unmistakable.

Until next December - A Happy New Year!


Highlands Avenue, Horsham