LETTER: How will new plans work?

I love the idea of the Worthing beach shelter being turned into a Bistro, but wouldn't it be great if, due to the fact that many homeless people use it currently, the building company and the council clubbed together and donated some money to the Worthing Churches Homeless Projects? Just a thought!

Secondly, great to hear that the council is going to sort something out regarding the area around the Guildbourne Centre. It would also be good if they did something about the Guildbourne Centre itself.

However, in the plans I noticed that they were possibly including those ‘sails’ like the ones in the town centre by Costa and Liverpool Gardens. Please don’t! They are awful and basically useless. What the heck were they built for?

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They don’t have seats and even if they did, the shade would be thrown nowhere near the seating!

At least with the little concrete folly one could sit underneath it and gain shade on a sunny day and shelter in the rain.

Those ‘sails’ appear to have absolutely no function at all. They don’t even look attractive. Could someone enlighten me as to why they were erected and if they are really going to be included in the plans for the area around the Guildbourne Centre?

If they are, then the money for them is being wasted and should be used for something more functional.

Lastly, does this mean that the taxi rank will be moved and the bus stops moved?

I cant see the bus routes being moved as they are needed to take people right into the town centre. So, how is that going to work?

Thanks for the opportunity to say my piece!

Cheryl Huws

Clifton Road


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