LETTER: '˜I hope thief is proud of actions'

At the beginning of last week, I went out to Ferring Nurseries to buy some beautiful potted containers and tubs of plants and shrubs to cheer up the outside of my house.

I was extremely disappointed to discover that, two days after watering all of them in, some kind person decided to come along overnight and steal my lovely red double-headed rhododendron in full bud from outside my home.

As I’m disabled I don’t find it easy to plant these containers up myself and the staff at the nursery had made a fantastic job of doing them for me. I hope the person that just came and stole them feels really proud of themselves.

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I find it unbelievable that it is no longer possible to be able to leave some plants and shrubs outside your home to enjoy without someone just coming and taking them – I hope they are proud of themselves!

Barbara Cook

Kingsland Road, Broadwater

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