LETTER: Idea for civic centre site

According to last week's Herald, council officers will be exploring numerous options for the redevelopment of the demolished Adur Civic Centre. Let me see if I can help them out.

The old Civic Centre car park is being redeveloped (more cars), Ropetackle is still being redeveloped (more cars), the site opposite the old Civic Centre is being redeveloped (more cars), the old parcel depot site is being redeveloped (more cars), plans are out for Kingston Wharf is to be redeveloped (more cars), and Shoreham Harbour to be redeveloped (more cars).

Once all of these developments are up and running, Shoreham High Street will be declared an official no through traffic area, it will be paved over and will look really continental and quite pretty, with its al fresco dining, wandering minstrels and buskers, a large variety of market stalls, and people trying to flog single roses at a vastly exorbitant price.

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Meanwhile, James Appleton, council head of planning and development, will be taking up the only option available to him and will be building a massive multi-story car park on the site, where ‘I’ve had it up to here!’ drivers will be able to leave their cars before laying siege to the Shoreham Centre on a daily basis, demanding to know the names of the incompetents who decided that there was no such thing as over-development as far as Shoreham was concerned.

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent, Lancing

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