LETTER: Implications of population rise

We will have to make up our minds as to how many people we want in the British Isles. At the moment there are about 65 million, do you want 70, 75 or 80 million? Where will everyone live? Do you want the South Downs full of affordable houses? Parham will make a nice estate for four thousand homes.

Your letters
Your letters

Take the Horsham and Crawley Road, how many houses are we building? No doubt they will have a car and a couple of children. The population of Horsham will be over 50 thousand yet still we have no hospital. We have missed Novartis’ building for one. Let’s suggest we take over the whole of the Sun Alliance buildings, I am sure the County Council will only be too willing to contribute their building to such a worthy cause.

John Taylor

Jockeys, Brooks Green,