LETTER: Keep dogs and drivers safe

We are supposedly a country of animal lovers and yet many dog owners/walkers often put their animals at risk.

Picture Credit: Keith Woodland PPP-171208-171823006
Picture Credit: Keith Woodland PPP-171208-171823006

Can I remind dog owners of Sompting and Lancing that there is a legal requirement for you to have your dog on a lead near roads? The Dog Control Order has been in place for some time now.

As a driver, it is very worrying to see dogs running loose near the kerb. The owners very often do not come into view immediately.

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Similarly, those using extendable leads should be aware of just how far their dog is being allowed to travel. Most dogs do not know to stop at the kerb and I’ve had one or two near misses (with the same owner as it happens) where a dog has been allowed to wander off the kerb into the path of my car. My last gripe on this subject is that whilst it is very commendable to pick up after your dog, it is not such a good idea to leave filled poo bags lying about ‘to pick up later’! One day last week, whilst out with my own dogs, I picked up no fewer than five bags just randomly left on footpaths.

Come on people, it’s not rocket science!

J. Harding

West Way, Lancing

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