LETTER: Kick-starting subway plans

The announcement that Mark Carne is to leave Network Rail soon means that we can kick-start the plan to get our level crossing subway back.

Mark has been useless to Shoreham residents and I can understand the criticism about awarding him a CBE.

He’s done nothing to help us and practically ignored a very powerful letter when Tommy Ramshaw died in 2016, a letter countersigned by his mother and our MP Tim Loughton.

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The pretty obvious ‘management’ decision by Network Rail to not, repeat not, under any circumstances, reopen that subway was taken on his watch – so good riddance and maybe his replacement will see more sense.

The situation is appalling in this day and age and has been going on for far too long.

Adrian Towler

Shoreham Society Committee,

Connaught Avenue, Shoreham

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