LETTER: Leisure centre is amazing resource

I would like to register my concerns about the planned changes for the rebuilding of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre. The present BHLC is an important amazing resource.

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Your letters

I retired nearly two years ago which has enabled me to take part in 50+ days - Mondays and Thursdays. What a brilliant idea! Fantastic variety of activities at a very reasonable price - important when you are retired. Keeping older people fit, active, socially engaged makes so much sense in so many ways, saving HDC and NHS money in the short and long term.

Unless the new facilities are of a similar size, flexibility and as accessible 50+ cannot survive.

And this is just one age group in Horsham. There are school children, pre schoolers, disabled, the list is a long one.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to get/keep fit.

Please ensure the new BBLC is fit for purpose.

Sue Pierce

St Michaels Way, Partridge Green