LETTER: Less expensive shopping option

I am writing in response to your article re the possibility of a discount supermarket moving into the soon to be disused Waitrose site in Pirie’s Place, Horsham.

Your letters
Your letters

Having lived in Horsham for many years and enjoyed the lifestyle in the town it is easy to understand why the cost of living is higher than in some other areas of the country.

However, with the economy not being at its most robust at the moment and many people either not receiving pay rises in line with cost of living or now living on a fixed income due to retirement, etc, it is time that Horsham included a less expensive option in supermarket shopping.

The soon to be empty Waitrose site in Pirie’s place seems to be ideal for an Aldi or LIDL store, with readily available parking already in place.

Having just watched a news item showing the difference in cost of half a dozen basic items purchased at Tesco, Waitrose and LIDL and the highest being £14.59 and LIDL’s price for the same items being £8.20 that is a significant difference, especially for those trying to raise a family in Horsham.

Surely, the timing is right to encourage one of the discounted supermarkets to move into town?

Having shopped at LIDL stores periodically for many years, I know their products to be of equal or superior quality to any of the larger supermarkets.


Hawkesbourne Road, Horsham