LETTER: Loss of internet

ON the evening of Sunday, November 9, there was a tremendous amount of thunder and lightning over this area of Bognor and the following day noted that we had lost our BT broadband connection and duly called them to arrange for an engineer to call later that week.

In between that call and his visit we discovered that a further four properties in the immediate area had also lost their connection.

The engineer discovered that there was a fault between the poles in the local area and the cabinet at the junction of Chichester Road and Chalcraft Lane.

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Over the next three weeks we discovered that there were at least nine properties which lost their broadband connection in not only Holland Close but also the adjacent David’s Close and Frandor Road, and from what we can gather other areas as well.

Each property has had at least one, if not more, visits from the BT engineers and they have all found the same fault – somewhere between the Stroud Green Estate and the Chichester Road junction but seem unable to dedicate enough staff to find and rectify the problem, which apparently is either water damage to a cable or some form of electrical interference from a property in the area.

It is now a month since the problem occurred and whilst they managed to give me a limited (extremely slow) connection last week, which in no way matched the level of the previous connection, I am aware that most of the others are still without any connection.

It seems that all the other broadband suppliers (Talk Talk, Sky etc) use the BT network, so this problem is not confined to BT customers alone.

If you are also experiencing a connection fault then please write to the chief executive of BT urging him to get his engineers to carry out the necessary testing and rectification to return us to the original service levels rather than deal with the problems on a piecemeal basis.

Richard Bennett

Holland Close

Bognor Regis