LETTER: Making majority voice heard

I am beginning to get angry about the way the media is biased in their reporting of the proposed Arundel Bypass.

All we are hearing from are the organisations who oppose the bypass.

I accept that there are people who do not feel a bypass is necessary, but 48 per cent voted for 5a with only 27 per cent wanting an online route. Most of the opposition comes from SCATE and Binsted.

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The objectors describe the ‘village’ of Binsted as being destroyed by the bypass and the road is portrayed as driving through the South Downs National Park. In reality only about a quarter of the road will pass through the park and then only along the edge. At present the whole of the A27 in Arundel goes through the National Park, so route 5a will actually reduce the National Park traffic.

It is difficult to recognise Binsted as a village. It is very few houses scattered along a two-mile road. The bypass will cross Binsted lane in two places. The Eastern crossing is over the unmade section of the lane. The western crossing is close to the current A27 and across fields rather than woodland.

Any trees lost have to be replaced sevenfold. 5a was chosen to minimise the damage to the South Downs National Park.

How can the majority voice be heard? We must not stand by and let the influential minority take control.

Roger Eve

Torton Hill Road


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