LETTER: Meeting will achieve what?

I cannot understand what Tim Loughton MP is seeking to achieve by calling a public meeting on the Sompting West Development '“ except perhaps some dubious political advantage now that the local elections are due in May!

He knows full well that his colleagues on Tory-controlled Adur District Council approved the Adur Local Plan – of which Sompting West is an integral part – in December, only a month ago. At that time he neither spoke up nor advised them to vote against it. Silence.

So now the council has shackled itself, and if it were to outright refuse the planning application then the developer would simply appeal and win, as it is in the approved Local Plan!

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Tim Loughton knows this. Instead of winding people up with surveys and public meetings, why can’t Mr Loughton be honest with his constituents and say that the Tories on the local council have already decided the question.

Now, thanks to his party, nothing can be done about it, except perhaps a bit of tinkering round the edges.

Residents can be assured that Labour will continue to fight for their interests in Sompting. Furthermore we recognise that openness is an essential part of serving the community.

Councillor Les Alden

Leader of Labour Group,

Adur Council,

Kings Walk

Shoreham Beach

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