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I read with interest Michael Hart’s excellent and informative letter in the July 7 WSCT, regarding the change of method to be used in reporting building plans, put forward by HDC, and their subsequent publication changes to their website.

I also noted HDC’s Mr Spokesman’s comment explaining what I consider is a backward step by assuming that everybody has a computer and also that people have the time to go into HDC’s planning portal which from personal experience is not the most easiest mode to obtain information and navigate.

The newspaper publication is far more superior in allowing property owners to identify at a glance any threat or invasion towards probably the average person’s largest investment of their lives and, to protect any exploitation whatsoever.

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Furthermore, I do not consider the £20k per annum in publishing applications is in anyway exorbitant and, perhaps the way forward is to try to renegotiate a better deal for what essentially is a very important point of reference for many hard working folk.

With regards and with respect to Mr or Mrs or Ms Spokesman, could they in future kindly come out from behind the curtains, to openly state who they are, be it the CEO, Planning director, Secretary, Post Boy or Cleaner as the word Spokesman (Spokesperson would be better) usually suggests there are other reasons why.


Gagglewood, Mannings Heath

Editor’s note: the figure of £20,000 given by HDC in a previous response referred to the total cost of all Public Notice advertising.

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