Letter: Nimbyism does not come into it

As an elderly resident of Balcombe, I have been truly amazed and, indeed alarmed at the tone implied in some of the recent comments published in our paper.

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Your letters

Not one of the older residents I have spoken to have been in favour of the proposed activity at Lower Stumble, many expressing real fears of what the future holds for their grandchildren and coming generations as a result of the so-called “safe” procedures being carried out so close to the village and famous historical viaduct on the only direct line from Brighton to London.

Nimbyism does not come into it - I do not believe that this country is suitable, full stop! The huge deserts in America and elsewhere can, perhaps, take it, but even there, problems have arisen. Surely, common sense must prevail and an end be brought to what could be an inevitable disaster.

What a tragedy it would be if the passionate feelings of those for and against fracking were to result in divisions in what has been a fantastic community, which it has been a privilege to be part of. PLEASE don’t let this happen.

Charles Ward

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