LETTER: No doubt on me

OH dear! I’m sorry to have upset Peter Johns but if he reads my letter to the end he will see I was casting no doubt whatever about Blake’s words being written in Felpham.

What we now think of as Jerusalem (quite different from Blake’s later poem which he called Jerusalem but that’s a separate issue) has words beginning “And did those feet...”

The tune to which they are now sung was written a century after the words.

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Therefore I felt the Observer article should not have said that Blake “wrote the words for Jerusalem” when it was Parry who put his tune to Blake’s words.

I see similar misleading wording in the Blake Society’s web page about the cottage which states that Blake ‘wrote the words for the hymn Jerusalem’ when, as I say, the hymn was not composed until a century later.

Sorry to make heavy weather of this, but I don’t like doubt being cast on me!

Ted Bell

Marine Drive West

Bognor Regis