LETTER: No interest in our festival?

I am always surprised at the almost total lack of interest shown by Worthing residents in the annual festival of music and the arts held in our town.

There are many entrants but the audiences (of the general public) are very small – although the standard and quality are as high as would be found anywhere in the UK.

For a very nominal fee one can be entertained at choice venues. The aspiring entrants are aged from seven to 70. They are judged by highly professional, well-qualified adjudicators who also give valuable advice. The young participants, in particular, take it all very seriously and are taught by their teachers to perform really well.

Next year this festival takes place once again. May I thoroughly recommend visits, even if only for an hour or two? I promise you will be very agreeably surprised.

John Houghton

Ambrose Place, Worthing

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