LETTER: No quick escape with new system

I had reason to visit a couple of shops in Swan Walk recently so drove into the multi storey car park and noticed that a new ticketless payment system was in operation.
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The system relies on it reading a car’s number plate and arrival time so that the car driver has to enter the vehicle’s registration number into the system in order to “escape”.

It was a Friday morning and Swan Walk was surprisingly quiet, but I noticed that there was a long queue of people attempting to remember and then enter their car registration number having finished their shopping.

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A line from a very famous Rock Song ”Hotel California” came to my mind, written by the Eagles; ”You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.. and continuing the American connection, having worked out that my half an hour visit to Swan Walk cost me 8 pence per minute, the charges in Horsham’s car park are very similar to parking a car in the Sears Tower in Chicago, which is rather more famous than the Swan Walk shopping centre. I presume that Dick Turpin must be alive and well and living locally.

Malcolm Francis

Kilnfield Road, Rudgwick